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Who We Are

The Philos Project is a dynamic leadership community dedicated to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Middle East.

Our community is non-sectarian and non-partisan. We are united by our love of Christ, our commitment to Nicene orthodoxy, and our desire to lead change in the region. Our ranks include policymakers, politicians, journalists, ministry professionals, artists, academics, and students, among others. We welcome new candidates for membership to apply.

What We Do

Philos offers educational programs, immersive travel, networking and advocacy opportunities, and innovative projects that advance liberty and justice in the region. All of our work aims to build new relationships across old boundaries and leverage those relationships in service of a better future for all. Our primary task lies in 1) understanding our Western values, where they come from, and how they inform Christian leadership; 2) understanding the Middle East and identifying those in the region who share our values; and 3) building values-based friendships between East and West that yield benefits for both sides.


This website is an initiative of the Philos Project. To support our work promoting pluralism, defending minorities, and advocating for Christians of the Middle East, click here

Who is Mina?

Mina was born and raised in Egypt and received a law degree from Ain Shams University in Egypt. He worked as a legal researcher for the Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth (EULY), a Cairo-based, non-profit organization, which promotes classical liberalism among Egyptian youth. He supervised a program within EULY on the status of Coptic Christians in Egypt. Mina regularly speaks for and leads advocacy initiatives with the Philos Project.

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